Children's book
"four princesses in the vineyards"

Fairy Tales Book. Discovering Father's Love, Identity and Worth in Royal Family Together with Four Princesses.

To be honest, this book was written for girls, but also for moms. Through a desire to pass on life lessons to my 9 year old daughter, wisdom comes alive in this fairytale series. Written with love and longing to help our daughters solve everyday problems with ease, 12 magical stories of 4 princesses came to life. This magical series will help convey to our daughters how wonderful they are in Father's eyes, and for moms to pass on valuable lessons to their daughters, opening hearts and minds for intimate safe relational discussions about real life difficulties.

These daughters of the King live free and happily, almost every day. But even in fairy tale life, there are difficulties that hurt and upset them. These princesses learn how to overcome and grow through life events, discovering their value to themselves and their father. Each story teaches love and self-care and reminds us that we are worthy of it. With revealing themes of the beauty of serving others, not waiting for others' approval, the importance of community, time management, dreaming big, the danger of distractions, importance of relationship with our God the Father, prioritizing rest and many more, deep meaning is hidden in each tale for girls to discover.

My hope for this series is that our daughters know we are not alone when facing difficulties, most importantly, that we always have our loving Heavenly Father by our side empowering us to not repeat the same lessons again and again. My dream for our daughters is to live free! Free of shame, insecurities, and fear. To live a deeply meaningful life.
May Gods love speak through these tales.
Sit back, hug your daughter tightly, and immerse yourself in a fairy tale world where princesses will help
tell the story of the values that are important in the real world.


A list of the tales and briefly about the meaning within them:
1.  Zoey's new shirt. The importance of self-care and the love of the Father
2.  Talia and the hedgehog. Approval from others topic.
3.  Royal doves. Prayer and work.
4.  Talia - the royal counselor. Not comparing oneself with others
5.  An invitation to a feast. Distraction and loss of focus.
6.  A gift. Not waiting for the right moment or not waiting for perfect-looking circumstances.
7.  The Royal Greenhouse. The importance of investing in talent
8.  Lost watch. The topic of time management.
9.  Beads. All about calling.
10.  Golden pollen. Community topic.
11.  A tale about dreams. Children's dreams without boundaries.
12.  Wilderness and the vineyards. A perfect day at the Father's house.



Augmented Reality (AR) Adventure:

Our book doesn't stop at words on the page. We aim to bring the vineyards and the princesses to life through Augmented Reality (AR) animations. These immersive experiences will enable your child to dive even deeper into the story.

The animated princesses will share their wisdom, drawing inspiration from their connection with the Father, in an even more interactive and engaging way.


With your support, we can share these beautiful stories, touching the hearts of mothers and daughters, drawing them closer to God's love.

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